While the company has been arguing a lawsuit that wants a judge to tell the company to advise customers to park all recalled cars with the ignition switch problem, safety advocates have found out that two new fatal crashes have involved the recalled cars.

Both incidents present one of the traits that links them to the 2.6 million cars recall – the airbags failed to deploy. On the other hand, the airbags can fail to deploy – depending on the speed and angle of the crash and whether the sensors detect a passenger sitting on the seat.

“Without extensive analysis or further investigation it is pure speculation to imply that an accident or injury involving a Cobalt was the result of a faulty ignition switch,” said GM spokesman Greg Martin.

“NHTSA did very little if anything before the recall so it’s all the more reason to do an aggressive investigation after the recall,” said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety. “Our advice to consumers is, ‘park it now.'”

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, which is currently probing GM on the recall – said it’s aware of the two incidents but declined to comment on whether they would be formally investigated. GM also said it didn’t investigate the two separate incidents.

Via Reuters


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