New Footage on Top Gear Helicopter Crash image

Another footage about the chopper that crashed into the dirt while filming Top Gear Corvette ZR1 Stunt surfaces on YouTube.

I’m talking about the Top Gear chopper that was captured as it lost control and crashed into the dirt on a timely video shot by a man in Coolidge, Ariz. The new footage from YouTube shows the speeding Corvette being filmed by the helicopter for a stunt on Top Gear, then gives an in-copter view of what the crash looked like to the two pilots and shows onlookers rushing to check on the pair. The first on-ground video was made by a local resident, Steve Esparza, who was shooting with his small camera when the accident happened right in front of him.

“My heart was pounding, and I knew I was going to witness something, and I just followed it with the camera,” he told a KSAZ Fox 10 news crew. “All the emotions and senses, the propellers were pretty close to us. And when that machine takes off, and you’re far away, it’s beating you up on the ground. But when it screams by you and it hits the air, it’s indescribable.”

Both pilots survived and were treated by paramedics at the scene being able to walk away from the accident.