China New Car Assessment Programme awarded five-star crash safety rating for the new Focus.

The Ford Focus has already achieved five stars from Euro NCAP and was named “Best in Class” by this European car safety performance assessment organization. The new Focus offered a top-rated performance in all criteria: side impact test against mobile deformable barrier, frontal impact test against deformable barrier with 40% overlapping and frontal impact test against rigid barrier.

The model underwent a comprehensive testing and development programme, in which 80 cars were subject to crash tests and 2, 500 cars did full vehicle Computer-Aided-Engineering simulations. The newly achieved five-star rating confirms the fact that Focus has an excellent structure, with more than 50% made of high-strength steel. The new Focus also has some new passive safety features such as a new generation of advanced airbag restraint systems.

“Since the implementation of C-NCAP five years ago, China’s vehicle safety system has evolved into a mature new car assessment mechanism,” said Zhou Deyang, CFMA passive safety engineer. “CFMA engineers worked closely with the design team of Ford Europe in terms of incorporating C-NCAP standards into the development phase of the new Focus.”


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