New Ford Focus RS might get 350 HP and FWD image

The North American based automaker Ford is planning to launch a new generation of the Focus RS, which is expected to pack an impressive 350 HP.

There is no official word on this subject for the moment but rumors are saying that the new Ford Focus RS might get the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine under its hood which will be able to produce an impressive 350 HP. No performance details are being known for the moment but one thing is for sure, if you will drive it, avoid curves because the engine will deliver all of that power to the front-wheel drive, just like in the Focus ST.

Hopefully, Ford will come to its senses before it will launch the new Focus RS and offer the hot hatch with all-wheel drive, even if that will increase its production costs and this will be reflected into its final price because if it will offer it with front-wheel drive and 350 HP, Volkswagen doesn’t have to worry because the new Golf R will lead the segment. No more details on the new Ford Focus RS are being known for the moment.

Source: Piston Heads