New Ford Mustang will generate 570 HP image

The next generation of the Mustang from Ford manufacturer will generate 570 horsepower.

The revived 60’s classical car Mustang is one hot ride if you aren’t a professional driver testing it on the track and the next generation will add 20 more horsepower to its top engine.

The massive 5.4 liter V8 powering the Mustang will get 20 more ponies, to a total of 570, which is actually useful if you are driving the current version with the AC on and you feel the power loss.

With the same eye-catching design, the next generation won’t benefit from new lines, which would probably ruin it.

If the manufacturer had confirm the previous rumor regarding the GT500, we would have been presenting a lighter, 620 HP track animal, but than again the Mustang remains an American classic muscle car.

The next generation will be available for future customers from 2013 with prices remaining unknown for now.