New-gen Chevy Camaro hinted image

The North American based automotive giant, General Motors, has recently hinted at a new generation of the Camaro, which should be making its way onto the market over the next couple of years.

In between mailing customers to announce them about a new recall and hiding from the press, General Motors is also working on the development of some new models, and some of these are vehicles like the new generation of the Camaro. GM has hinted that the 2015 Camaro will be “in its final year in the fifth generation” and this means that we can expect a replacement for the popular muscle car in 2016.

“With a new appearance and new features introduced in 2014, the Camaro lineup rolls into 2015 – its final year in the fifth generation – focused on delivering the balance of style, performance and efficiency that has helped make it the segment’s best seller four years running and Chevrolet America’s best-selling brand of performance cars”, says the carmaker in its official press release.

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is expected to get an evolutionary design in order to compete with the new generation of the Ford Mustang. The model in question will should be riding on the Alpha platform, which is also used on the Cadillac ATS and CTS and it could get a 7-speed manual transmission, along with a dual clutch automatic. A new and small engine will probably be adopted onto the muscle car, as a response to the four-cylinder EcoBoost Mustang powered.