New-gen Dacia Duster coming in 2016 with 7-seat layout and 1.6dCi image

A new report is indicating that the Dacia Duster will receive a new generation sometimes next year which will give birth to a new version, with seven seats.

The new generation of the Dacia Duster is getting ready to be introduced in 2016, after the current version has been in production since 2010 and in September 2013 we have seen its facelifted version, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Romanian based automaker will risk the popularity of the model with some significant changes. According to the guys from Cardisiac, the model in question will add a 3-row version and this automatically means that it will grow in size.

The 2017 Dacia Duster will get the third row as an option and rumor has it that it will cost less than 800 euros. Because you will have to carry more passengers, you will automatically have to pay for beefier engines too and it seems that the popular 1.6 dCi engine made by Renault and used on several of its vehicles, or on the Nissan models too, will be adopted onto the new Duster. This is believed to be offered in the same 130 HP version. The diesel lineup will range between 90 to 130 HP and the gasoline burners will find themselves between the same parameters.

The model should be going on sale on the Old Continent at first and then it will be added to different markets across the globe, where it will be sold as a Dacia or a Renault. The starting price of the model is believed to stand at 12,000 euros. We don’t have any more details on the new Duster generation and these will not be announced until the 2016 Geneva Motor Show or the 2016 Paris Motor Show, depending on when it will be unveiled.