New-gen Jaguar XF to debut in New York image

The second generation of the Jaguar XF will be officially presented to the public during the 2015 New York Auto Show, next April.

Jaguar is getting ready to update the XF after its smaller brother, the XE, has seen daylight just a few months ago. The new model will grow in size significantly and it will have an exterior design which will be influenced by the XE compact sedan. This won’t be only thing shared between the two cars as the new one will also inherit the iq[AI] platform. Despite being more massive than the current version, the new XF will lose approximately 100 kg from its weight.

This will assure it with better performance and improved fuel consumption. As far as the engine lineup goes, the new generation of the XF will drop the Ford units in favor for the new Ingenium motors. Most of these will be “borrowed” from its smaller brother, the XE, but they are expected to be tweaked in order to provide more power. The XF will give birth to two range topping models, the XFR and the XFR-S, which will be developed by SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) and they will come with 600 HP (447 kW), from a V8 engine. Sales of the model will being next autumn.

Source: Autocar