New-gen Opel Tigra rendered image

The first rendering with the new generation of the Opel Tigra has recently hit the web and it’s placing the model into the spotlights for the first time.

The German based automaker Opel didn’t announce any details on a future Tigra generation but that isn’t stopping rendering artists from virtually creating such a model and then introducing the images to the web. The photo posted above is signed by who has envisioned a possible look for a hypothetical third generation of the model in question, even if its future remains uncertain and we may actually never see a new-gen of this car.

The new Opel Corsa generation, which was pictured above, has received the front fascia of the Opel Adam, the rear end seems to be inspired by the company’s smallest model up to date while the roof is bringing a coupe-like look. The second generation of the Opel Tigra has been introduced back in 2004 and it was based on the Opel Corsa. The model in question was being offered in a coupe / convertible configuration and it had two seats and a retractable hardtop. Because of the poor sales, the Opel Tigra has left the production line in 2009.