New-gen Peugeot 205 GTi to be revealed in October image

Rumors that a new generation of the 205 GTi hot-hatch of the 80s and 90s will be brought back to life have just been confirmed by Peugeot, the French automaker announcing that the iconic car will see daylight once again starting from next month, when it will be officially unveiled.

Under the 208 name, the 205 GTi’s successor is expected to make a huge splash, being aimed at cars like the Ford Fiesta and the upcoming Renault Clio, with a new design which will make it more appealing to young customers or just to hot-hatch lovers.

According to autoexpressnews, the new generation of the iconic Peugeot will be available in a sporty three-door version that will be launched along the five-door, and for the GTi variant a 1.6 liter THP turbocharged engine will be available with its 211 BHP, the same unit as the one found on the RCZ, while the other versions of the 208 will get a wide range of powerplants.

The new generation of the 205 GTi, named the 208, will be officially revealed in October, being scheduled to hit the showrooms in mid-2012 at an estimated price of 10.000 British pounds.