The upcoming Renault Fluence is currently kept into the shadows but thanks to a new rendering, we can see how this may actually look like.

The new generation of the Renault Megane has taken the automotive media by storm as most have a lot of good thoughts on the brand new French compact car. This has to stand up to some of the biggest names in the industry, including the Ford Focus, the Volkswagen Golf or the Opel Astra, amongst others, and considering the fact that the previous generation managed to do it, the expectancy rate is quite high. But let’s not forget that the new Megane will also give birth to a new generation of the Fluence as well.

The image posted above is nothing more than a simple rendering, which has been put together by Theophilus Chin, and it is showing us how the sedan body style of the new Megane generation might look like, once it will be ready for the market. We have to notice the sloping roofline and the rear end which has been modified, along with the taillights as well. However, if the model will actually be slightly different than this one, don’t worry, because underneath its body it will still be a Megane, but with a larger boot, so you may expect the same engine lineup as the one in the five-door variant, except, obviously, for the new range-topping Megane RS.


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