New-gen Skoda Fabia not getting an RS version at the moment image

The new generation of the Skoda Fabia will continue to be offered in the same versions currently available as the company is not planning a hot RS version.

The Czech based automaker Skoda has officially pulled the wraps off the new generation of the Fabia just earlier this year and since it did that, the company’s fans kept asking about the hot RS version, which was a true joy in the previous generation. But because joy and sales don’t always go hand in hand, Skoda’s representatives said that such a version of the model will not be offered on the new generation.

The decision has been taken after only 3 percent of Fabia sales worldwide were a Fabia RS, in hatchback and estate models, so if you were looking towards a small B-segment hot hatch, you should turn your attention to another car manufacturer. However, the company will keep the more aggressive looking Fabia Monte Carlo, but this will not be coming with any suspension or engine upgrades. At this time, it is good to know that you can find competitive models such as the Renault Clio RS or the Ford Fiesta ST.