The second generation of the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano, has been officially unveiled, over the web for the moment.

In case you have been wondering what’s up these days with the cheapest car the world has to offer, the Tata Nano, this article should answer your question because the model is now in its second generation. This has been called the Tata Nano GenX and it is coming with several improvements which include the design, the new front grille, the integrated tailgate spoiler, the smoked headlights, the different steering wheel found in the cabin and several other goodies which will definitely help it differentiate from its predecessor.

“The Nano continues to innovate and evolve in line with the needs of its customers. Taking the spirit of innovation further, Tata Motors today announced the launch of all-new GenX Nano range, a new compact, feature-rich hatchback for the trendy, youthful, bold and stylish customer. The new GenX Nano comes with advanced technological features which strengthens its value proposition, making it the perfect city car”, is what the carmaker has to say about it.

The 2016 Tata Nano GenX is coming in no less than five trim levels, the XE, the XM, the XT with manual transmission, the XMA and the XTA with an automated manual transmission. Power is continued to be offered by the same two-cylinder 0.6 liter petrol burner, which is capable of putting down a total of 38 HP (28 kW) at 5,500 rpm and it has a peak torque of 51 Nm (38 lb-ft) of torque. With the manual transmission, the vehicle is eating up 4.2L / 100km while the automatic is burning 4.0L / 100km. Prices for the car start from 199,000 rupees, the equivalent of 3,100 USD.


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