New-gen Toyota Avensis spied image

A new generation of the Toyota Avensis is currently being tested out by the Japanese based automaker.

Despite some rumors saying that the Toyota Avensis will not be getting a new generation and instead the company will focus on the development of other vehicles and a possible different successor, the model in question has been caught on camera while it was being tested out on public roads. Don’t be fooled by the familiar looks because this is a simple test mule and underneath its body it is actually hiding the new generation of the Toyota Avensis, which should be making its debut in a couple of years.

The 2017 Toyota Avensis will be coming with a new platform and new technologies, along with an entirely new engine lineup which will include diesel, petrol and also hybrid units. The model in question will also get a new exterior design, with a more sculpted hood, a more prominent front grille, new lighting units and a new interior design. More details on the new generation of the Toyota Avensis remain unknown for the moment but the model in question will be officially unveiled in early 2016, so we will have to wait until then to find out more about it.