New-gen Volvo XC90 confirmed for 2014 debut image

The Swedish based automaker has recently announced its plans to introduce the new generation of the XC90 next year and the model will be larger than the outgoing version.

Rumors on Volvo working on a new generation of the XC90 have been around for quite some time but we didn’t have an approximate launch date. That is until now, when the carmaker has stepped forward and announced that the new generation of the popular SUV will make its way onto the market in 2014. Volvo says that the model won’t be inspired “too much” from the Concept You and it will be larger than the current one.

“The new car will be only slightly bigger on the outside, but with more space inside. The look will be a development of the latest Volvo designs, but won’t draw too much from the Concept You car”, as Peter Mertins, the Volvo senior VP of Research and Development, told Auto Express.

The brand new Volvo XC90, which will probably wear the 2015 model year in its name, will drop approximately 150 kg compared to the previous model and this will be possible with the use of the new Scalable Platform Architecture and four-cylinder engines. Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid versions of the new XC90 are expected to make their way onto the market too, along with the new generation of safety features, most of which are already found on the new V40 hatchback. Additional details on the new-gen Volvo XC90 are limited for the moment.

Source: Auto Express