New-gen Volvo XC90 spied image

A lot has been said on the new generation of the Volvo XC90 but it seems that the popular SUV will be officially unveiled towards this year.

Volvo has paid a lot of attention in the development process of the next generation XC90 so the SUV will probably be one of the best in the segment. The current version is pretty old but it still managed to get the IIHS Top Safety Pick last year, so don’t act too surprised when the new one will get the Top Safety Pick+ and 5 stars in the Euro NCAP test.

The 2015 Volvo XC90 will be made from advanced materials and it will get a completely new design. This is said to be inspired by the XC Coupe, seen in Detroit, and the Coupe Concept, unveiled in 2013. A weight reduction of approximately 150 kg will be made by Volvo and this means that the Swedish based automaker can adopt new four-cylinder engines to the model because it will be light enough for them. The engine lineup will include a new 2-liter twincharger engine, which is capable of producing 305 HP, but the lineup will be expanded with a plug-in hybrid version of the SUV, offering low emissions mobility.

The company wants to reduce fatality in their new cars to zero and three amazing technologies have been announced in this way. The Pedestrian Detection in darkness will detect people and the auto brakes will kick in automatically. This also works for other vehicles and cyclists too. The Adaptive Cruise Control with steer assist will be adopted onto the model too, along with the Road Edge and Barrier Detection with steer assist, which can autonomously apply steering torque to bring the vehicle back on track if it’s about to drive off the road.