The Ingolstadt-based automaker has recently announced the arrival dates of some of its most important models – we are talking about the new A8 coming July 11 and the A7 arriving sometime during the fourth quarter of the year.

The all-new A7 Sportback is not honoring the company’s home event – Frankfurt Motor Show – because that one takes place in September and the four-ringed brand is probably looking to let the show be stolen by the flagship A8 limousine. This means the safest bet for the A7 will be for the Los Angeles Auto Show starting December 1, because we’re not really counting on Audi to bring such an important model to the Tokyo Motor Show taking place in October. Of course, we might get to see the A7 a few days or weeks earlier thanks to an online introduction.

Audi has also promised its new A7 Sportback “will continue to be the most progressive large five-door top-segment coupe” and already we’ve seen glimpses of the model, sitting alongside the other members of the top family – the A6 and A8. The reveal came via an official sketch depicting the front ends of all three cars, as a measure to showcase the differences between them. The A7 is of course the sporty member of the pack, thanks to a more aggressive styling.



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