The Bosch SMI540 is the world’s first micromechanical inertial measurement unit for vehicle dynamics control in low-cost SOIC16w housing. The unit opens up new development possibilities for the ESP® electronic stability program. The 3-D sensor simultaneously monitors three of a vehicle’s movement axes – two acceleration or inclination axes (ax, ay), and one axis of rotation (?z). Until now, at least two separate sensors were required for this.

The SMI540 has a digital serial peripheral interface (SPI) with two standard protocols. Thanks to a constant internal self-test of the yaw-rate sensor element, this interface meets the highest operating safety standards.

Samples of the new sensor are already available at Bosch Automotive Electronics. The sensor is set to go into large-scale series production from the second quarter of 2010. Bosch also plans to launch the SMG540, a version of the sensor that contains only the yaw sensor element.


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