New generation of Mitsubishi Eclipse is in the books image

After Toyota has officially announced that it will revive its iconic Supra sports car and it will present it as a concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the competition at Mitsubishi is not just standing around and rumors are that the Eclipse will also be revived.

According to the vice president of marketing and product planning from Mitsubishi Motors North America, Gred Adams, the Eclipse is not fully dead and the sports car may “always come back around sooner or later”.

According to the Japanese automaker, Mitsubishi managed to sell just 7.000 units of the Eclipse through August this year compared to 2002 when the car starred in the Fast and the Furious and the vehicle was sold in 72.040 units.

The same rumors that are announcing the revival of the Eclipse are also announcing its future rivals which could be future sports cars like the Scion FR-S, the Subaru BRZ or even hot-hatches like the Ford Focus ST.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was in production since 1989 and the last unit has rolled off the assembly line on April 25, 2011, being auctioned off and the proceeds donated to charity.