New Honda Civic Type-R in the works image

While other automakers are giving up their large engines while focusing on developing new hydrogen, hybrid or electric vehicles, Honda has announced that a new generation of the popular Civic Type-R will be coming out of the production line soon.

According to the Honda Civic chief engineer Mitsuru Kariya, quoted by, the new Type-R is currently on a discussion level, but knowing how Japanese like to work, we can almost be sure that it will see the sunlight.

“It is already under discussion. We know Type R was a big success, especially in the UK market, and we are now looking for a car to be developed in that direction. Whether it will be called Type R is not certain though”, said the Japanese official to the source mentioned above.

As a reminder, the Type R is the highest performance version of the Civic made by Honda Motor Company of Japan, with a lightened and stiffened body, specially tuned engine and upgraded brakes and chassis.

The first Civic to receive the Type R badge was originally introduced back in 1998 as the EK9 and shared many characteristics with the Integra Type R DC2.

There wasn’t a huge difference between the Civic Type R presented several years ago and the older generation, in fact the new version had only one extra horsepower from the popular 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine, to a total of 200 HP.