New Honda CR-V was launched in Romania image

The new generation of the Honda CR-V has been recently launched in Romania, where the model can be bought from 24,676 euros.

After it was already launched in other markets across the globe, like Japan or North America, the new generation of the Honda CR-V has finally arrived in Romania too, where its future customers will have to pay at least 24,676 euros for the base entry-level version, before being able to bring it home. The cheapest version of the new Honda CR-V will be available in the country next year in April and, since then, the most affordable variant will be the mid-range, for 29,500 euros.

The mid-range version of the new Honda CR-V will get the same 2.0 liter i-VTEC with 155 HP under its hood as the entry-level, but 4WD and the Elegance Winterpack are being added. The cheapest diesel, the i-DREC 2.2 liter with its 150 HP is only available with the all-wheel drive system and prices for the model start at 31,980 euros. The new CR-V is more expensive than its main competitors on the market, like the Kia Sportage, which is the most affordable at 23,296 euros for the 2.0L CRDi or even the V@ Tiguan 2.0 TDI, priced at 28,747 euros in Romania.

Source: automarket