New Honda Pilot coming in September image

Japanese car manufacturer Honda has announced the releasing of the new Pilot generation this September.

The new Honda Pilot looks more plain compared with the previous model, receiving a redesigned front fascia which is pretty dull than its “older brother”. The 2012 Pilot has nothing out of the ordinary and looks like a car suited for drivers who prefer plain and average looking vehicles.

According to the manufacturer, the new Honda Pilot’s fuel consumption has been improved mainly because of its six-speed automatic transmission. The car’s interior has been also upgraded with touches towards navigation and audio system.

When presenting a new Honda SUV that also has the “2012” number on it we expect UFO technology combined with an exterior design which makes us say “What the…?!? I want it!”. But that isn’t the case here and the new Pilot best fits in a fast-food parking in the US.

In case you are interested in the new generation of the Honda Pilot we can tell you that it will be available in showrooms in September this year.