The new generation of the popular South Korean hatchback is here. Hyundai revealed official details about its new i30, along with new images, changing its exterior design lines and bringing it to a closer “European” look.

“The new generation i30 is recognizable thanks to the Hyundai family face with its signature hexagonal-shaped front grille and the jewel-like design of the headlamps, together with distinctive daytime running lights”, said the chief designer at Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Centre. These lights present an angular shape within a more softly-edged recess, adding a strong personality to the vehicle, as well as a sense of refinement and luxury”.

Coming with a new exterior design, Hyundai has big plans for its new i30, placing it against rivals like the VW Golf, the Opel Astra or the Ford Focus in Europe, but the Germans managed to sell 500.000 units of their Golf model on the Old Continent last year while the South Koreans found “only” 115.00 new owners for their i30.

According to the automaker, the new generation of the five-door will be available to its future customers with a choice of two direct-injection gasoline engines, 1.4 and 1.6 liters, and two CRDI turbo diesels with the same capacities. Hyundai didn’t provide any extra details about the powerplants except that its top of the line is delivering 135 HP, so you won’t be “playing” with the new i30 anytime soon.

“Through the profile of the new generation i30, a strong character line runs over the front and rear wheelarches all the way to the tail lamps. A softer, lower character line rises up the car’s flank creating a play of light and shadow – a fundamental feature of fluidic sculpture”, added Thomas Burkle.

The new generation of the i30 is expected to come with new bodies, like a three-door version or even a sedan, but the price of the hatchback wasn’t announced yet.


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