NEW-IG Supports Commission Decision to Strengthen Fuel Cell Plan With 1.4B Euro Investment image

NEW-IG supports EU’s proposal to strengthen and renew the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen joint technology plan, created under Framework Programme 7.

The New Energy World Industry Grouping, which is the industrial association that represents Europe’s hydrogen and fuel cell industry, has agreed increasing investment to 1.4 billion euro in the Horizon 2020 R&D programme, implemented by the European Commission, and which will start in January 2014. Fuels and Hydrogen 2 will continue the development of affordable, clean and efficient hydrogen and fuel cell technologies until they will be ready to reach the market.

“This renewed political and financial support is a sign that Europe will strive to establish this technology as a key enabler for its future energy and transport roadmap,” said Pierre-Etienne Franc, Chairman of the board of NEW-IG.

He added that the JTI for hydrogen and fuel cells offers the necessary framework to poolresources, coordinate objectives and advance the technology, all for the benefit of the EU economy. The current Fuel Cells and Hydrogen JTI was created in 2008 and has brought important progress in both transport and energy applications.

From the 1.4 billion euro to be invested in Horizon 2020, 700 million euro will be provided by the Commission and the other 700 million will come from the industry in the form of kind contributions and hard cash. The purpose of the second programme is to increase by 10% electrical efficiency of fuel cells, reduce by 10% the price of fuel cell systems for transport applications and prove the usefulness of large scale production for hydrogen from electricity provided by renewable energy sources.