New Italian sports car – Vygor image

The automotive industry is probably one of the most competitive in the world where there’s absolutely no room for errors and small car manufacturers come and go by the day. In this battle zone, a new automaker is giving birth to a sports car and considering the fact that its birthplace is in Italy, we can’t just ignore it.

We could tell you a few names of small automakers that went bankrupt very soon after releasing new models but on the same list there was one who knew success even if its cars were more expensive than a new house: Pagani.

Maybe the comparison is out of date in this case but the fact that Vygor is keeping its sports car in the shadows makes us think that perhaps it’s so good that its competitors would steal it. Or maybe they don’t have what to show yet.

“Vygor is the emotion to see a unique work of art challenging the road with proud eyes, the body sinuous like a feline and the elegance of a dream… an emotional car, like a windblow in the skin, like a thrill of sudden pleasure which takes your breath away… and unleashes emotions… the emotion to hear the thunder of the engine which is pure adrenalin, aggressive and biting as you have always dreamt but also mild as silk… the emotion of touching a panther… the emotion of taming the power…”, as the company’s press release states.

When we hear of the panther we can’t help it and the new Mercedes SL 63 AMG Black Series pops in our mind but reading that statement above makes us happy because you can actually hear the engine so we’re not talking about a new electric supercar like Rimac Automobili presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

Unfortunately we don’t have any details about Vygor’s sports car but maybe the small automaker will release some info about it.