A brand new Jaguar F-Type has recently burst into flames in Belgium, for no obvious reason, while it was driven by its owner on the highway.

Expensive cars bursting into flames for no obvious reason have been around for a lot of years and if you thought that only Lamborghinis and Ferraris can do this, you’re so wrong, because the plague is expanding to new brands like McLaren and now Jaguar. A brand new Jaguar F-Type was being driven by its owner on the highway in Belgium when he noticed some errors. He pulled over to call the carmaker’s service line and the roadster suddenly caught fire.

The incident transformed the Jaguar F-Type from a beautiful car into a melted piece of aluminum. The firefighters came to the scene quickly but unfortunately the sports car couldn’t be saved. The driver survived the incident without any injury which is more than we can say about the F-Type. Jaguar said that an investigation of the cause will be opened to find out what started the fire. Our advice is that if you own an F-Type and you see some errors on the dashboard, push the brake pedal as hard as you can and leave the vehicle at once.


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