New Jaguar X-Type is coming in 2015 image

Even if the X-Type isn’t what you can call an old and out of date model, the British based automaker Jaguar is currently working on a successor for the popular model and the vehicle could be launched in 2015 in a lot of configurations which include a sedan, coupe and even a roadster, but official details about the future X-Type remain in the shadows for now.

According to, Jaguar might present a new generation of the X-Type in 2015 and the entry-level model could also come as a coupe and even a roadster, along the “classic” sedan body, which would place it as an even strong competitor to its main German rivals, especially if the vehicle will get some “premium” high-tech features.

The British website says that the new generation of the Jaguar X-Type might be powered by a variety of new engines, including a 1.8 liter, four-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine which is developing around 170 HP, but words like all-wheel drive and eight /nine-speed automatic transmissions are apparently being said by the engineers who are working on the entry-level’s successor.

Autocar also says that the upcoming Jaguar X-Type will be placed on the market against the upcoming Audi A3 and the Mercedes-Benz CLC and the vehicle is expected to be priced from 22.000 GBP, so it won’t exactly be a budget model.

  • Richard Armani

    I think the article has wrong information. The X type will not compete with the Mercedes Benz CLS. This is an entry model and as you mention the Audi A3 then it's competitor must be the upcoming Mercedes BLS