New Jersey Police destroys BMW searching for nonexistent weed image

A BMW 3-Series E46 has been destroyed by the New Jersey Police officers who were searching for weed that wasn’t there.

The 2004 3-Series BMW E46 was searched for weed that turned out to be nonexistent, and during the search, the New Jersey cops caused damages of over 12.000 USD. According to the guys over at, the bimmer was stripped out of its exterior body panels, doors, dashboard and other things, and the search for drugs led to nothing. Our source is telling us that the search for weed began after Darren Richardson’s BMW 3-Series was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, and a smell of marijuana has “hit” the officer.

“The root of these problems, with the drug laws, is sometimes they (policemen) can’t distinguish between the Medellin cartel and somebody smoking a spliff”, said an assistant district attorney. is also saying that the incident has happened after the BMW’s driver has almost caused a traffic accident and because he has also done time in drug-related charges, besides the weed smell coming out of the car, a sniffer dog was brought, which indicated the presence of drugs. Besides his car being torn off by the cops, Darren Richardson, the owner of the BMW 3-Series, has also been arrested but apparently he now filed a claim against the police department for malicious prosecution and false arrest.