New Lamborghini SUV for China image

Lamborghini is joining Bentley and Maserati in supersizing their supercars to make more of a mark in China, by upending tradition with a new sport-utility vehicle.

Twenty years after the company discontinued the so-called Rambo Lambo military vehicle, is now ready to unveil a SUV study at the Beijing Auto Show in April, the production version being available by 2016.

“Chinese customers love their big cars,” Christian Mastro, declared Lamborghini’s general manager for the Asia-Pacific region. “All the brands are making cars more specific for the Chinese market.”

Bentley will also dislay its own SUV concept, this time at the Geneva auto show next month, a model which may roll into showrooms by 2015 if parent Volkswagen Group approves the project this year.
Both Bentley and Lamborghini are owned by VW Group. It seems that there is a bit of rivalry between them and Fiat’s Maserati which will start production in 2013 of a Jeep-based SUV, currently called the Kubang, while Ferrari last year added the 260,000-euro ($344,000) FF family car, its largest model.

“SUVs are just a great interest for a lot of people, because of the driving position and also the road conditions in some fast-growing economies,” said Ian Fletcher, a London-based analyst with IHS.