New Lamborghini Veneno listing shows two cars now up for grabs image

The Lamborghini Veneno has been delivered by the Italian automaker as a very special edition model, of which just three were offered to the wide audience.

Now there are honest people out there trying to make an honest living by selling their hard earned Veneno for an honest buck – yeah, we’re kidding. Anyways, the speculator has been kneecapped by a second Veneno seller who decided to be less greedy. Supposedly Lamborghini has sold the only three public copies of its halo car to die-hard Raging Bull aficionados with a great Lamborghini buying history – but two of the units are already on sale as prized used cars. The shenanigans started earlier this month when a Veneno selling add made us go bezerk – it was listed at a mind boggling 9.98 million euros ($11.15 million) and was apparently sourced from Japan. And the uber-exclusive ride has so far only clocked on the odometer 840 km (522 miles).

Now there’s a second Veneno listing which is this time around the sensible version – it comes with red accents as opposed to white for the first one and the asking price is of 7.1 million euros ($7.93 million). It’s an even sweeter deal since the odometer only reads 100 km (62 miles). Additionally, it it’s of any consequence in a three unit deal that’s also the first model produced. The Veneno has been rumored to have been sold for about $4 million and made its official public world premiere during the 2013 Geneva motor Show.