New Lexus NX crossover goes after China’s wealthy image

The world’s largest market has become a must have for all global automakers, so there’s no surprise the just announced Lexus NX crossover will make its public debut during the Beijing Motor Show.

The model, which slots behind the well known RX is the Japanese company’s first take on a compact SUV – slotted to compete with the German prowess in the segment: BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA.

“Without a localization assumption and thus with a higher price in this entry premium segment, the Lexus NX will find it difficult to gain ground in China from its German rivals, namely the locally made BMW X1, Audi Q3 and MB GLA,” said Zhu Bin, a senior analyst at researcher LMC Automotive.

The NX model will have a problem with the locally produced German competition, and LMC estimates only around 2,700 NX would be sold in China in 2015, eventually rising to around 3,700 by 2018 – which is slower than the segment’s growth.

Meanwhile, Lexus wants to lure consumers with its bold design and the advanced technology that underpins the new NX crossover – it’s the first model offered with a turbocharged engine and forms part of Toyota’s plan to unveil 14 new engines globally by 2015.

Via Bloomberg

– images showing the production ready NX compact crossover