New McLaren F1 is coming in 2012 image

According to autocar, McLaren will launch a follow-up to its iconic F1 hypercar in 2012, more than two years earlier than originally planned.

Although it might not be named the F1, its successor will definitely be worthy of the mighty McLaren F1. Company’s insiders leaked various details, including they’re working hard on developing the 2012 McLaren F1’s successor, which they say, it will be a revolutionary hypercar.

The new F1 will be mid-engined and will feature a carbonfibre monocoque similar in concept to the MP4-12C’s. Despite its creators’ radical approach, it will still bear some similarities to the original F1. These, however, are largely coincidental and it is not yet clear whether the car will feature the same central driving seat as its predecessor.

The 2012 McLaren F1 will pioneer various new technologies, including in the weight saving field, by using modern “space age” materials.