New Mercedes B Class: First interior images image

Next generation B Class is coming this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Today Mercedes unveiled a set of images showing the interior of the new 2012 B Class.

According to the automaker, the new B Class raises the bar in the compact car segment; and yes, if we look at these images it feels more like a baby E-class with rounder, more playful forms than today’s sober-suited, grown-up B-class cabin.

Many of the details or elements had previously been the sole preserve of higher-end vehicle segments and correspond to the new Mercedes-Benz design philosophy in terms of image and quality. For example, the dashboard may be covered with stitched ARTICO man-made leather. Even the steering wheel comes from the new CLS!

Everything appears to be very simple and well laid out, with the radio, HVAC and COMAND controls nicely separated from one another.

The multimedia display is interesting: it’s fixed and looks like – and was shamelessly modelled upon – an Apple iPad.

The new B-Class will be making its international debut at the IAA in Frankfurt (13th to 25th September 2011). It will then be rolled out to European dealerships in November 2011.