New Mercedes-Benz C160 entry-level was launched in Germany image

The German based automaker Mercedes-Benz has officially announced the introduction of the new entry-level C-Class, the C160, on its local market.

There have been only a few days since the announcement of a new entry-level Mercedes-Benz C-Class and now the model in question has been offered for sale on its local market, Germany. The vehicle has been called the C160 and it is the newest addition to the mid-size range. Prices for it start from 31,683.75 euros for the sedan and from 33.349.75 euros for the more practical estate.

According to the car manufacturer, the new Mercedes-Benz C160 is coming with a 1.6 liter four-cylinder petrol burner under its hood, which is also used on the more expensive C180. The unit is now less powerful and it is producing 127 HP, 27 HP less than what the C180 has to offer. Power is being sent to the wheels through a six-speed manual transmission, which will be the only one offered for the model.

If you were hoping to find out how long this needs to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standstill or what its top speed is, you will be disappointed because the company hasn’t announced these details yet. No info on the economy specs have been released either and chances are these will be made public over the next couple of months, considering the fact that deliveries are expected to begin in June.
Note: Regular C-Class pictured below