New Mustang GT gets Whipple supercharger kit image

The new generation of the Ford Mustang, in its top of the line GT version, is now available with a Whipple supercharger kit, which will raise its total output to an impressive 700 HP.

Whipple has officially introduced a new supercharger kit for the sixth generation of the Ford Mustang, aimed towards the Mustang GT, which is able to raise its total output to 700 HP. According to the guys at Whipple Superchargers, the new supercharger kit is being offered with an aluminum intercooler reservoir, with six- or with optional ten- rib belts system and with several other items, which should assure its impressive power.

For some extra money, future customers of these new supercharger kits can also benefit from a 5-year or 100,000 mile (160,000 km) engine warranty, along with the hot rod and tuner kits. Whipple is offering a 2.0 liter twin screw supercharger, available for the 5.0 liter V8 engine of the new Mustang GT. The unit can produce an impressive 700 HP (522 kW), when running on 91 octane fuel, which is significantly more than the standard 420 HP (313 kW). More details on these upgrades are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following weeks.