New Nissan Concept teased for Sao Paulo image

Nissan has recently teased a new concept car for the upcoming 2012 Sao Paulo Motor Show.

After announced just a few weeks ago that the model is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the Japanese based automaker releasing the first teaser image with the vehicle in question. The image is actually suggesting a sporty coupe with lines inspired by the iconic GT-R, but considering the fact that initial rumors were saying that the model will be aimed towards Brazil and nearby markets, a small engine is expected to make its way under the hood.

The images posted below which are partially revealing the new Nissan concept are showing us notable highlights like the bulging fenders, the slender griller, the steeply-raked windscreen, distinctive taillights, flush mounted door handles and more. Nissan didn’t announce any official details on its newest creation, which will make its public debut in Brazil this year. The 2012 Sao Paulo Motor Show will officially open its gates on the 24th of October and additional details on the concept car will be announced then.