New Nissan EV sports car to hit the production line image

The Japanese car manufacturer Nissan has just announced its plans to revive the 2008 200SX rear-wheel drive model, which will be electric.

According to the auto maker, the new Nissan model will use, besides a new name, a new chassis and the electric rear-wheel drive from the Leaf.

Even though the 2008 version was going to sit on the 370Z’s platform and its power should have come from 1.6 liter currently found on the Juke, but fitted with a turbocharger and developing 188 BHP, the new model will embrace the “eco-friendly” technology.

The new model could use a platform which is supplied by Daimler and can accommodate everything from four-cylinder engines to V8s, which are slowly disappearing.

Figures, performance and everything else about the new Nissan model aren’t currently known but the Japanese car manufacturer has the technology to launch it very soon.

In fact, the new project could be officially unveiled sometimes next year during an international auto show and it expected to hit the showrooms in 2013 being priced at around 20.000 pounds.