It has been 12 days since numerous blasts took place at the Tianjin port in northeast China.

With carmakers putting a halt on their operations running there in order to assess damages and check for any future health hazards, new numbers have come up regarding the car damages following the explosions.

Toyota has released its second announcement this Saturday, stating that 3, 449 of its cars that were parked out of the plant ended up damaged in the explosions, adding to those another 28 units of import CBU (Complete Built Unit) that were also destructed. The Japanese carmaker said that its customers will receive their deliveries late, and that it is looking to export cars as fast as possible and then release the associated subsidies.

Toyota Cars Destroyed in Tianjin

Besides Toyota, Lexus also released information on the topic, saying that its staff had not been hurt, but that 783 units which were parked near the port ended up being damaged, which would also lead to late deliveries to its customers.

Volkswagen has also joined the unfortunate incident, with 2,746 of its cars being wrecked in the blasts, according to Wang Henan, head of Volkswagen’s imported car public relations department. Wang added that the company reps still cannot enter the site to make sure of the extent of the damage and other information like the car models that were destroyed.

explosions in Tianjin - VW Cars destroyed

Renault announced the day after the explosions took place that around 1,500 of its cars were damaged in the blasts and that it is taking into consideration all the vehicles that were planned to be delivered to Tianjin to be rerouted to a Shanghai port.

According to, the German Volkswagen and the French Renault encountered the highest losses post the Tianjin explosions.


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