The Italian boutique automaker just keeps coming back to its first model, the Zonda – and we suspect a loving relationship with this “first born” since so many one-offs have appeared along the line.

The Zonda was originally scheduled for demise back in June 2013 with the introduction of the racing-exclusive Revolucion, but that hasn’t stopped the fans and the company itself from keeping the flame lit. This year alone Pagani revealed official one-offs of its naturally aspirated hypercar, the Fantasma Evo, Riviera, and Horacio’s own HP Barchetta. And since the year hasn’t ended, here’s another “new” Zonda. And we’re not one bit upset about its appearance.

“New” Pagani Zonda is almost ready for the world 2

Let’s face it, the Zonda is an exquisite piece of art/engineering – and not even the lack of exact details will deter us from presenting this new one-off example. As far as we know it has been made for a customer of Topcar Design, an aftermarket specialist headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The Zonda is supposed to exit Pagani’s new factory in San Cesario Sul Panaro, Modena in the spring of next year, unnamed yet and labeled as an “original car”. This probably means we’re really dealing with a completely new Zonda, rather than an upgrade of an existing, sold example. With TopCar’s logo on it, the new Zonda has an exposed blue carbon fiber body, complete with the colors of the Italian flag and a full-width side strip matched by gold wheels. The Italian flag motif is also present on the side of the huge ear wing as well as on the carbon fiber roof scoop. The carbon fiber is used extensively on the outside and the inside, where it neatly mixes old and new with the vintage steering wheel, handbrake lever, and gear knob.


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