New Pentastar V-6 engine to be installed on 13 new models image

Chrysler will replace the V-6 engine in 13 models with the new Pentastar six-cylinder by 2014, the company announced Thursday.

Chrysler describes the new engine as being its most advanced six-cylinder powerplant and expects it to account for over a third of the engines in its vehicle range and bring an important contribution to an overall line-up fuel efficiency improvement of over 25 percent by 2014.

Overall, the new Pentastar will enable Chrysler Powertrain to reduce major engine components from 189 parts to 32, simplifying the build process and improving quality. Cost savings also are realized with purchasing efficiencies and a reduction in limited, high piece cost parts.

The new Pentastar debuted earlier this year on the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Power ratings for the Dodge Challenger will be 305 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft. of torque (353 N•m) @ 4,800 rpm, without direct injection. Chrysler is trying to make around 440,000 Pentastar engines are to be made each year, hooked up to the 6xTE, WA580, and Fiat’s dual-clutch automatics.

“The Pentastar engine is suited to meet the requirements for a full range of vehicle applications in terms of power and fuel efficiency including passenger cars, mini-vans and sport utilities,” explained Bob Lee, vice president of engine engineering for Chrysler Group LLC. “It has been designed for today and many years to come. Already, we are looking forward to adapting future technologies as they become available to the Pentastar V6 for even more fuel efficiency and performance.”

The Trenton, Mich., plant that produces the new engine and part of a $730 million investment by Chrysler, can produce more than 400,000 of the V6 engines annually.