New Porsche Paint Shop at Leipzig Plant Completed image

Porsche celebrated the completion of its new paint shop at the Leipzig factory.

The construction work of the new Porsche paint shop was completed after a helicopter made the final touches, placing and installing nine air vents on the roof of the building from a 400-meter height.

“This will complete the next major step in the preparatory stage of production of the Porsche Macan. The paint shop facilities have already been installed and the first car bodies will be painted in a test-operation as early as August”, explained Siegfried Bülow, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche Leipzig GmbH.

He added that the automaker’s plan is on schedule and that the first Macan is expected to roll off the assembly line in December. Porsche is making an investment of 500 million euro to expand the Leipzig plant and prepare it for the production of the Macan series. The facility is extended with new paint and body shops, the biggest construction project in the facility’s history.

Porsche is planning to launch the brand new Macan compact SUV in 2014, when its official starting price is expected to be set at approximately 36,000 GBP. The official starting price of the Macan should be set at around 36,000 GBP and its annual sales should stand at 55,000 units, but some believe that it can hit 75,000 units annually.