New Renault Clio’s price shed, less than the earlier model image

The retail pricing for Renault Clio subcompact car has been reduced by the manufacturer, less than the outgoing model.

Clio is the cheapest car in France that will be sold just for 13, 700 euros. So, you can expect a less of 250 euros as compared to the base price set for the present Clio version. The reduction in pricing was possible after the sharing of parts between Clio version and other cars constructed by Renault-Nissan Alliance. As said by the company, 50% of new Clio’s components can be found in Renault Modus and Nissan Micra.

This fourth generation Clio’s price reduced further due to the order placed for large volumes of parts shared with other models created by Renault-Nissan Alliance. Renault said that Clio is a modified version and belongs to the Alliance’s B platform. The car is meant to enhance comfort, noise reduction and maneuverability. Owners can place orders for this model now, but the car is destined to arrive in European dealerships until its debut at the Paris Auto Show in September.

The competition is high where not only Renault, but other manufacturers are playing the same game. Peugeot launched its 208 subcompact cars earlier this year and the starting price was 11,950 euros for France where its predecessor, 207 was priced for 12,900 euros. It has become a trend to cut price and as per market watchers, it is now time for Volkswagen Golf to experience price cut.