New Rolls Royce Ghost with extended wheelbase coming in 2012 image

A new variant of the luxurious Ghost from Rolls Royce, with an extended wheel base, will make its appearance in 2012.

In order to provide more leg room for its rear occupants, Rolls Royce increased the distance between the wheels, by stretching it to 170 mm compared to the standard Ghost. As the picture shows, the distance between the back of the front seat in its rearmost position and the front of the rear seat increased from 160 to 330 mm.

Customers of the future Ghost EWB will also get a panoramic sunroof, a rear entertainment system and lamb’s wool carpets as standard, as well as new alloys and smaller wing mirrors.

According to Rolls Royce, despite the extending of the wheelbase, the total weight of the car increased in by just 35 kg.

The new Rolls Royce Ghost EWB will be powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine, which produces 563 HP and 780 Nm of torque, and will be available for its customers at a price somewhere around 1 million US dollars.