After receiving some cash from China, the Swedish based automaker Saab can now continue doing what it used to do best, which is producing cars, and as seen in these two images which leaked on a Swedish website, the manufacturer is planning a new 9-3, which will be the first out of several new models to hit the market.

According to the Swedish media, the vehicle seen in the image above is the new 9-3 and the model will be a small part out of some more vehicles which will hit the market in 2013 or 2014, which includes fastback and convertible versions, as well as a 9-4X and a 9-5 SportWagon, along with new cars in the premium compact, possibly badged the 9-1.


Vehicle production at Saab is expected to start again in early 2012, after the company’s sale to Chinese investors Youngman and Pang Da was agreed a week ago. Saab is now planning to expand into China, attracting new customers from the Asian auto market, and reposition as a near-premium brand and a renewed model line.


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