New shocking footage from the March earthquake and tsunami in Japan image

Nine months after the terrible earthquake and tsunami shocked Japan and the entire world, we are still unable to comprehend the full scale of the disaster.

But new footage from the heart of the disaster might help us realize how powerless we humans are in front of nature’s unleashed forces. The video you’ll see below was recorded from inside a car and shows how the streets of Sendai were devastated in mere minutes by the tsunami.

The HD camera mounted on the dashboard of the car was there to prevent theft, as driver Yu Moruga worked as a delivery man. The images caught by the camera speak for themselves, but it is important to know that the driver survived the events, as a makeshift raft built by him from stuff he had in the car saved his life. When the waters retreated, he came back to the car and recovered the camera. What you will see below is probably the scariest 4 minutes and 26 seconds of your lives…