The next generation Smart will be unveiled in autumn, most probably during the Paris Motor Show.

The automaker will offer the “normal” two door Fortwo model, but on the same time a 3.5 meter long 4-door Forfour model will be presented to the public.

“The Smart Fortwo is as short as he is known with his 2.70 meters. But next we will be offering again a Forfour “, Smart chief engineer Markus Riedel says.

“The big brother of the Smart Fortwo will be about 3.50 meters long, get four doors and a rear bench with folding chairs”, he added.

Both cars will have rear wheel traction and a new 1-liter three-cylinder engine made together with Renault. When asked about performance, Riedel said for the moment he can’t confirm any numbers, but most probably the engine will have about the same output as the one found on the upcoming Renault Twingo – 51 kW/70 hp or 66 kW/90 when equipped with a Turbo.

Although the new Smart will be larger, and therefore heavier; it is expected to be more fuel-efficient than the actual model.

Previewed by the Smart FourJoy concept unveiled for the first time during the Frankfurt Motor Show – the next gen 3.5 meter long ForFour will be the first of its kind since the first-generation ceased production in June 2006.

Production will start this summer, but Daimler will continue to build two of the actual models: the convertible and electric version.

– attached images showing the Smart FourJoy concept during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show


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