Last week, Daimler took another leap of faith, showcasing Smart’s brand new ForTwo and ForFour cars. The two–door variant will further be expanded with electric and convertible variants.

The four-seat, four-door ForFour is finally getting a second generation, after the first attempt’s fiasco from 2004-2006 – which led to the brand having for years just a single model, the smaller ForTwo. The latter has always been rather successful, even though it has commanded a price that was more fit for a subcompact car.

Still, not long after the European introduction of the duo on November 22, Daimler’s R&D chief Thomas Weber said the smaller ForTwo offering would be complemented by the usual electric and cabrio versions. The variants have been already present in the current line-up of the outgoing ForTwo model.

Weber also disclosed that Smart has not abandoned the performance version of the ForTwo, which has been so far made with the help of outside tuner Brabus, rather then opting for the input of the in-house performance division AMG. The situation will not change, with Smart developing the performance version of the ForTwo with the help of Brabus again, though the executive declined to further offer any technical information on the new version.

Via Automotive News Europe


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