The benefits of implementing the autonomous driving technology are growing with each new study – the latest one sees driverless cars not only enhancing safety and curbing traffic, but also axing the ubiquitous street parking procedure.

If you’re a retro automotive fan, seeing photos of major cities across the world just a century ago might get you surprised to notice there are no parked cars – they were common by then, but since only affluent people could afford them they usually had chauffeurs that took them back home or waited their owners in specific places. Now, anywhere you look in a sprawling metropolis, there’s no room to park your car on the sides of the roads. That could end, according to the Paris-based OECD’s International Transport Forum (ITF), with a study seeing the advent of autonomous cars as a signal for empty side streets. There’s a catch – the idea is that nobody will have actual ownership over the autonomous vehicle, being rented out for the period of usage only. Additionally, the self-driving cars would lower the need for having numerous vehicles, dragging down the overall tally of autos on the roads.

According to the report, “a fleet of self-driving, shared cars could make 90 per cent of conventional cars in mid-sized cities superfluous. Even during peak hours, only one third of the current number of cars would be needed to provide the same number of trips as today,” with ITF researchers even modeling two new concepts. The “TaxiBot” would have multiple passengers commute on a single vehicle and the “AutoVots” would have just one passenger per journey.

Via Forbes


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