New styling program for the Tesla Model S introduced by Unplugged Performance image

The California based aftermarket specialists at Unplugged Performance have recently pulled the wraps off their latest creation, a new styling program for the Tesla Model S, which is bringing some interesting items to the popular electric car.

Owners of the full electric sedan called Tesla Model S, who aren’t quite happy with the design of their car, can now order the new styling program aimed towards it, which has been signed by the guys at Unplugged Performance. This is bringing a series of accessories which focus on the vehicle’s appearance, but they will expand eventually.

“As an owner of a Tesla Model S P85+ I can tell you that the car is already an exceptional and unique driving experience. However being also an active member of the supercar community I can say from experience that every car including even the greatest supercars have the ability to become better still when upgraded with the right selection of parts. It has been proven again and again that regardless of how great a car is from the factory, it is truly only a starting point to extract the vehicle’s true potential”, said Ben Schaffer, the president of Bulletproof Automotive, Unplugged Performance’s parent company.

The brand new styling program for the Tesla Model S is adding features like the trunk mounted spoiler, for 895 USD, the front lip spoiler, for 995 USD, the rear diffuser, for 1,550 USD, the aerodynamic side skirts for 1,450 USD and others. Future buyers can also order the new front fascia signed by Unplugged Performance, which is also bringing a more aggressive front bumper. Current modifications made to the Tesla Model S are visual but in the future, the company will also add some suspension upgrades and improved braking system.