New teaser of the Infiniti JX crossover image

The Japanese car manufacturer Infiniti slowly reveals its JX crossover in puzzly style, piece by piece.

After the last teaser, which showed the wheel, a headlight and the front fascia, now came another picture from Infiniti, revealing the right tail light, doors and a bit of the rear right wheel.

“Families don’t have many luxury vehicle options today. The new Infiniti JX will be the 7-passenger antidote to the ho-hum luxury crossovers that are out there right now”, said the vice president of Infiniti Americas, Ben Poore, in a press statement.

It is very likely that the new JX crossover will use the front-wheel drive platform found on the Nissan Maxima, Altima and Murano models, which can give the JX eventually an all-wheel drive.

The crossover world family is getting larger with this segment growing and being exploited by all major car manufacturers, China being the main auto market and huge consumer.

The new JX crossover could be officially presented during the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year.